Ghosts of Barkerville

Ghosts of Barkerville was inspired after spending time in Wells British Columbia which has a thriving Artist communtiy.


Journey takes you thru the journey from a childs eye.

Lama Mask

The Lama Mask is a huge painting inspired from travels around the world.


Breakthrough depicts Granville Island and Gastown in Vancouver B.C.


Monique Germaine Morency is a Canadian Artist

When I paint, the Artist declares, I am reminded of my humanity and that the creating of art seems to make one immortal. I never start a painting without meditating and playing music and this is to activate the creative right hemisphere. Each painting takes me on a spiritual journey that always ends with the feeling of being in love and without it there is no closure.

Monique Germaine Morency

Monique Germaine Morency
Canadian Artist - M.G. Morency

Portrait Gallery

Portrait Gallery
Fabulous oil portraits with many years of experience.

Surrealist Art

Surrealist Art
Monique paints large surrealist art.

Gifted Canadian Artist

Much of Monique's larger works intertwines several images collectively into a beginning, a middle and a conclusion while each individual image holds a story of its own. The symbolism between one part of the painting can be amazing when another image seems to come from nowhere altering your previous feelings about the painting and its meaning. What one viewer finds explosive and emotional can be peaceful, calm and neutral to another.


The Artist's passion for mystery and adventure is projected in her landscapes, portraits, large surrealist and contemporary works as well as her abstract impressionist paintings. Monique Germaine's Large Painting Gallery will be of interest to you. Large contemporary art works from one some might refer to as an "Expressionist", "Surrealist", Realist at times, allow one to go further into themselves, deeper into their subconscious through each grabbing image attempting to make the unconscious conscious.


A definition of surrealism is a 20th century movement of artists and writers who used fantastic images and incongruous juxtapositions in order to represent unconscious thoughts and dreams. Her online art gallery has some paintings that could be referred to as Spiritual Art, as Monique is a strong believer in a Supreme Being and has no problem believing that she is guided through each painting.