The summer of 2015

What a wonderful summer I have had after all.

You see, I moved to Aylmer Quebec, across the river from Ottawa, so I could be closer to my daughter Tania who lives in Ottawa and my sister Mariette who lived 3 hours away in Trenton not far from Toronto. Since moving here, I experienced 3 family reunions. It was heaven to me.

When I lived in British Columbia, although I visited Toronto quite often, when my parents lived there, many siblings I didn’t get to see at all.

But things didn’t work out that well after that and both my sister and daughter stopped being part of my life.  Would I get to see much of my family again?

In the summer of 2015,  I had the good pleasure of travelling to New Brunswick with my brother Ghislain. We stayed at my brother Laurier’s place in Edmunston and I got to see another brother called Jean-Marie and his daughter Kathie, both from Gaspe. They also stayed at Laurier and Paulo’s place.  It was absolutely wonderful. I got to take a lot of photos of the places where I went to school and homes I lived in as a child. It was a walk down memory lane and thanks to my brother Laurier’s patience, I took some awesome photos of the Convent there I spent some time before becoming ill and being sent to the Sanatorium St Joseph in St Basile, where I also for a long time during my teens and the Conway Academay in Edmunston where I went to school for a while.

Conway Academy is another school where I spend time and the next one is called Feller College where I was sent after my time at the Sanatorium.

Conway Academy, Edmunston NB where I went to school before being sent away to the convent in St Basil.



The small Catholic Church where the family went for a while in St Joseph New Brunswick before we became protestants.


St Joseph Sanatorium where I spent a long time recovering from Tuberculosis!


The Convent of St Basile where I likely contracted tuberculosis. The convent was next door to the Sanatorium.s.

Two photos of Feller College where I studied for two years and where I learned English.

Later on that summer, I got to go to the Eastern Townships with my brother Raymond and his wife Pauline who is an awesome piano player and composer. I had not visited them for 32 years. I got to meet my little niece Melodie who was only 6 months old the last time I had seen her in Magog where my brother was a pastor in a small Evangelical Free Church.

I saw some beautiful sights in the region of Asbestos where my brother, the pastor and teacher lives,

I got to visit Sherbrooke where Pauline and Raymond also have a house and Lake Magog which is where he had his church when I visited them last.

When I lived in British Columbia, I seldom saw my family as most of them were in the Eastern part of the country and I had missed them more then I can tell.

I felt strongly that God was guiding me to this place and now I know that He has. I feel truly blessed and got to see how generous my family was to me and that I was loved by them.

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