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George Harris, curator of the Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George BC wrote:  “FREEDOM, Truth and Justice are more than mere concepts to Monique. They are beliefs to live by and principles that are reflected in everything she does. They are not to be taken for granted but to be exercised daily.”

Self-creation is the most important kind of creating to Monique. “It is a conscious work of restoration and rising above the limits of ordinary experiences, a sort of climbing above the ego”.

Art and music have helped her exorcise her fears and her sadness and heal a difficult past that had haunted her in her childhood and adult life for years.

Monique is never very far from her paint, brushes, her guitar and piano.  Her later years have become full of joy and what was once hell on earth, has now become a safe place, a place where she feels fulfilled and content.

Her studio is a host to a lifetime of exciting experiences, a love of life and her need to express and celebrate it through her art.


Monique was born and raised in New Brunswick in a French Acadien family, the second of 14 children. When she was a young teenager, she was sent to a private school, where she contracted tuberculosis. After a long recovery in the Sanatorium of St. Basil New Brunswick, a pastor called Rev. Roger Dupont, made it possible for her to pursue some of her studies in a small college in rural Quebec, thirty miles east of Montreal.

At the age of 31, Monique found herself single with 4 young children to raise on her own. She soon became involved in Human Rights Work which took her into many oppressed countries, many of them behind the Iron Curtain, in the Old Soviet Union.

Monique also did some work in Canadian prisons, and has been involved for years with Reseaux Femmes BC, an organization that also fights for Women’s Rights.

Many trips to Europe in countries such as Spain, France, England, Greece, Sweden and many Eastern European countries such as Russia, the Ukraine, Hungary and many more, have helped to familiarize her with great Art and its Masters. Monique was once on the BBC News for her participation in the attempts of liberating the Siberian Seven who were trapped in the old American Embassy in Moscow.

She went to the Middle East in 2018 where she saw a little of Jordan, some of the mine fields of Syria but mostly Israel. A most lovely trip with her son Peter.

Her most recent trip in December 2023 with son Peter took her to France, Germany and Luxembourg where her son got his European Citizenship!

Monique has lived in 5 Canadian Provinces, in cities such as Edmunston New Brunswick, Toronto Ontario, Edmonton Alberta, Vancouver British Columbia, and now lives in Aylmer Quebec.

Below are photos of Monique’s Studio.

Canvases to be hung at CC Hall.

Studio is a bit crowded.

Studio in Prince George B.C.

   Monique Germaine est Acadienne Française, née au Nouveau Brunswick, la seconde dans une famille de 14 enfants. Elle déménage en Columbie Britanique pour plusieurs annees et a Gatineau Quebec in 2012. Monique a étudié à plusieurs institutions de beaux-arts : Art Training Program à Edmonton, Athabasca University à Edmonton, Vancouver Vocational Institute, et des leçons privées de Tim White – artiste et professeur à Vancouver.

Statements by various reporters over the years.

CBC Reportage de Monia Blanchet: blanchem@vancouver.cbc.ca viewed throughout Canada on November 6, 2006 – May 28, 2007 and June 3rd, 2007.

Monia Blanchet ecrit: “D’UNE VIE DIFFICILE ET TROUBLÉE, Monique a tiré l’inspiration pour ses œuvres d’art. La peinture lui donne une grande liberté et lui permet de puiser dans l’inconscient. Ses tableaux sont conçus comme un casse-tête pour entraîner le public dans le mystère des choses.” Elle déclare: « Quand je peins, je me rappelle notre humanité et la création d’une œuvre d’art semble nous rendre immortel. Chaque tableau m’apporte sur une route spirituelle qui finit toujours avec le sentiment d’être amoureuse sinon le tableau n’est pas terminé.

Teresa Mallam arts@pgfreepress.com “Germaine has used her art to speak out against social injustices like racism and violence but it also celebrated the beauty in life.” July 7, 2006.

George Harris, curator of Two Rivers Art Gallery “The often unsettling and dream-like quality of these paintings results from explorations of perception, reality, imagination and truth, in a kind of neo-surrealist spirit.”

Josh Hammerstedt: THE PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN “She didn’t choose that style, it kind of chose her, because she’s the kind of person who likes mystery, and is not afraid to look beyond the surface.” October 2005.

Christine Skorepa: PG This Week: “Much of Germaine’s work depicts human struggle and strife.” May 25 2003

This is only a few of Monique’s Newspaper Articles!

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